The Christchurch Food Festival has always been a community event and our goal is to continue to run the event for the benefit of the local community as well as all the visitors.

Our mission is to reconnect people back to where their food comes from and to create a unique opportunity to get people thinking about how and why we eat the way we do, in a fun and creative format.

If consumers become increasingly disconnected with how food is produced, we risk forgetting the time and effort that goes into growing, producing and making our primary produce.

The aim of the Festival is to get visitors trying, tasting and experiencing new things, sharing delicious food and drink, which makes people more open to thinking differently.

We aim to recruit a host of local small food businesses and subsidise the smallest to take part, giving affordable opportunities for them to generate new business and to develop their businesses.

We are working with local community organisations to get involved in the festival to promote what they do and to help them raise money for any causes they support.

Our promotion of the event helps to position Christchurch as a fantastic tourist destination and the objective is to develop more awareness all year round to continue to make Christchurch a thriving tourist hot spot.

With around 60,000 visitors descending on the town for the weekend, there are clearly a host of economic benefits of the Festival and local businesses, restaurants and bars enjoy significant additional income from visitors from the event.

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